Friday, October 29, 2010

Sisterspeak: Housewarming Menu à Deux

So, I've just moved into a new house (yet again), bringing my total to 5 moves in five years. I'd love to say this is down to my jet-set, high-powered lifestyle, but really I've just been making my slow way up from south Wicklow to south Dublin with various year-long stops on the way -- Arklow, Greystones, Booterstown, Blackrock. (Safe to say that I have a kind of love-em-and-leave-em relationship with rental properties. In stark contrast to my propensity for serial monogamy when it comes to people.)

With this latest move, I promised my significant other we would stay for minimum two years, barring any major life changes that would require otherwise. Given the new nest came unfurnished (I can put my stamp on it!) and has a working heating system -- both major improvements over former rental forays -- I think his cautious optimism is well-founded.

That said, I've not really been a Fun-Person-To-Spend-Time-With over the last two weeks of stressful packing, moving, cleaning, unpacking, re-packing etc. In fact, I think the only time he's seen a smile since mid-October was during a brief sojourn to IKEA, where I confess I morphed into a 4-year-old on a serious sugar high let loose in the playground. What can I say? Inexpensive home decor just does it for me.

So let me make it up to him! I'm in search of a Housewarming "I'm going to be nice to you again from now on" Menu for Two, which I plan to cook at some point this weekend, assuming I can find the necessary pots and pans. I have a dessert idea, but need appetizer/main inspiration. Nick, can you help?

In the meantime, I leave you with this article about another of my former residences. Apparently the most recent occupants of my freshman college dorm room (Harbin #926 circa 1996, holla!) have been using it as a center for cooking of an entirely nefarious sort:

Kids today! Tut, tut...

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  1. So, have we made this romantic dinner yet, or did I rush my response por nada?