Saturday, December 4, 2010


My cousin Kenny is a huge Manchester United fan. Some may be tempted to call him a front-runner, but I must defend him. He was cheering for the reds long before they started buying championships etc, etc. By the way Kenny, nice game from Berbatov. 5 goals a game will probably keep Chicharito on the bench a while longer.

I am a dedicated Chelsea fan, and while we haven't been on form lately, we have some key players starting to come back into the fold and I think we should be coming in to form by say....December 18th or so. It just so happens that we play Man U. that day, so here is my proposal.

If Manchester wins, I will record myself singing Glory, Glory Man United and post it to this blog, however if Chelsea wins, Kenny, you must wear a Chelsea Jersey to work during the next Manchester game televised and send me pictures of it to post.

What do you say? DO WE HAVE A BET?


  1. Yes, I Have been a Man United fan since the days of Pallister and Bruce anchoring the defense. The days when Liverpool were a threat to win the league every year. The days before Chelsea were owned by a Russian billionaire. Back then the United under 21's consisted of names like Scholes, Giggs, Beckham, Butt, and the Neville brothers, who have been the cornerstone for a generation of champions. Yes United have purchased players over the years, but, the foundation had already been laid with winning character of a storied franchise. So, my love for the Red Devils runs deep.

    I gladly accept this challenge. If my Manchester United disappoint I will don the "Chelski" Blue top on Sunday night December 18th while at work. My confidence is strong that United will impress and chef Nick will be singing the "blues" and "Glory Glory Man United."

    I have mentioned this challenge to some of my other United brothers, and, as a show of support they will also wear a Chelsea top that night again if Chelsea win. But, have requested that I play your rendition of Glory, Glory Man United over the sound system if United win.

    So THE CHALLENGE has been accepted... 12 Days and counting.


  2. Not sure if you want to torture your patrons with my singing, but I don't think that's how things will go down. I did enjoy the "chelski" comment though. I look forward to the 18th and all the smack talk leading up to and during Chelseas win. NICK

  3. Ah well I won't put you on the spot and play your rendition over the sound system. It's all in good fun, I enjoy it. Btw the match is actually on the 19th at 11:00am