Friday, November 26, 2010

Sisterspeak: But what if I don't have tinned pumpkin?

Okay, here's a good one for you. A few years ago, Miguel and I went to a Thanksgiving dinner (in Ireland) hosted and prepared by my American friend, Rachael. To this day, he still talks rapturously of her pumpkin pie. Which, I concur, was very, very good.

So this past Wednesday night, when I forced him to sit down and plan our Thanksgiving menu -- we're celebrating with friends this Sunday -- he refused all dessert options that weren't pumpkin pie. I threw lots of options at him too -- chocolate mousse, jam tarts, chocolate bread pudding. He was having none of it.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm afraid of making pumpkin pie. But tinned pumpkin is hard to find in Ireland and, well, mama's feelin' a little lazy, come the weekend. I don't mind carving the suckers up at Halloween, but spending my Friday night making pumpkin goo filling just isn't my idea of a good time. (Instead I'll be spending it addressing and stamping my wedding save-the-dates, which wouldn't be high on my list of "good times" either, but I digress...some things in life are necessary evils.)

And now, Nick, for my ask: is there something I can use instead of real pumpkin that isn't tinned pumpkin, but that will taste Just Like Pumpkin for my pie? I'm sure with your deep knowledge of gourds, you can pull this one out of left field for me.

I eagerly (and hopefully) await your reply. And Happy Black Friday. (You're totally out shopping right now, aren't you?)

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  1. I would like to chime in here, since this may be the only culinary question that I think I might have the answer to...and that is only because Nick doesn't like pumpkin pie, but like Miguel, I too demand it on Thanksgiving. Sweet Potatoes. It has a similar consistency and very similar taste when it is seasoned with the same spices that you use to make pumpkin pie. Plus it is the same color! :) Nick made little sweet potato tarts for me on Thanksgiving and they were DELICIOUS! I ate them judging please. :) Anyway, since I am not allowed to step one foot into our kitchen, I cannot actually provide you with a recipe, but at least now you know there is an ingredient that can possibly satisfy both your laziness and Miguel's sweet tooth. Happy Thanksgiving!