Saturday, July 31, 2010



This is the first of many blogs to come, but first I thought I'd tell a little about what this blog is and will be. It all goes back to my sister, the flexatarian (which really just means an idealogical pescetarian who is cheating) who is pictured to the left. This is her favorite picture of herself, I promise :) It all started when I was talking to her, and she told me she was making a shrimp and corn chowder. She accidentally let it slip that she was using canned corn for said chowder. Once I had regained consciousness, and picked myself up from the floor, I told her that it was unacceptable to do this. She then complained that she doesn't know how to create fresh dishes, and struggled creatively in the kitchen, so she ends up using shortcuts, ie canned corn. So, I told her that I would start sending her recipes that were fresh, healthy (mostly), and easy to prepare. She is a working girl, with two dogs, a fiance, and an active social life, so they can't be the three day recipes that I have sent her in the past. So, she created this blog as an easy way to share with her, and other similarly struggling home chefs. I figured I would get bored just posting recipes, so I have decided that I will also post reviews, culinary rants, raves, discussions, forums, questions, and basically whatever else I feel like posting about. Since my life does revolve around food, it will be mostly food related, but you never know what mood will strike.

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